Make the most of your Java skills. Write and reuse code, use precious collections, lambdas, default interfaces and other latest Java trends.

Native code

Develop applications that run natively on different devices, without tweaking the code for each one, achieving this way optimum performance.

Offline solution

Run, compile and test your applications offline on your current workstation, unaffected by intermittent connectivity or slow Internet service.

Familiar API

Use an API ideal for a smooth start. Experience a short learning curve, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced user, and make the most of the available resources.

Elegant graphics

Your applications excel in performance with fast and fluid animations, avoiding security problems and update issues related to graphic components implemented in HTML.

Technology trends

Create applications that use widget constraints, incorporate In App Payments, map representation and other latest services.


Single UI Authoring: Write once the iOS UI elements and run everywhere.


App Store: Your Java-coded applications run natively on all iOS devices.


Play Store: Create applications for devices with the biggest market share.


Windows 10: Supports the new Universal Windows Platform API.


Your applications are also runnable on Windows, Linux and OS X.



The request of a Mac as a development/test environment
for iOS apps is no longer a prerequisite except for the upload
procedure of your application to Appleā€™s App Store.

IDE or Console

Use NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio for faster development workflow or console alternatively.

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Follow a simple procedure

You don’t have to write separate code for each device and there is no need for device-specific configurations.

WORA: Write Once Java code and Run your native applications in Any device


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