Open Source

Leverage the power that an Open Source toolkit provides to you. CrossMobile is Open Source and free software, to let you harness its power in either commercial or free projects.

Single-authoring API

Whether you want to target iOS or Android or Desktop, just Write Once, and Run Anywhere. No need to learn another toolkit, or bisect your codebase. Use the familiar iOS API for all platforms and needs.


Make the most out of your Java skills. You already know and ♥ Java. Move your precious skills to all platforms at once, using your lambdas, default interfaces and collections, even on iOS.

Native code

Transpile to code that runs natively on every device, thus achieving maximum speed and optimal performance. No need to run all your code through a minimized WebView anymore.

Elegant graphics

Your applications excel in visuals, with fluid animations and Hi-Res graphics, avoiding poor U/X that is plaging any hybrid solution. Even create your own native theme in no-time.

Technology trends

Create applications that use In App Payments, Native Map, Geo-location, Push Notifications, Constraints … you name it. If it exists in iOS, could exist here too (maybe with your help).


Single UI Authoring: Write once the iOS UI elements and run everywhere.


App Store: Your Java-coded applications run natively on all iOS devices.


Play Store: Create applications for devices with the biggest market share.


Windows 10: Supports the new Universal Windows Platform API.


Your applications are also runnable on Windows, Linux and OS X.

No Mac requirements

The requirement of a Mac as a development/test environment
for iOS apps is no longer a prerequisite.*
Just author your application on your favourite OS
and the code will work on iOS!

* Of course to test and run to an actual iOS device, an Apple machinne is still required by license.

IDE or Console

Use NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio for faster development workflow or console alternatively.

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Follow a simple procedure

You don’t have to write separate code for each device and there is no need for device-specific configurations.

WORA: Write Once Java code and Run your native applications in Any device


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