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Older version of CrossMobile

The older available public version is

Please note that this version is now obsolete and you might experience performance and/or compatibility issues.

Choose the suitable package for your operating system:

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In Windows, our Windows Defender Certification is still under evaluation. Thus you might need to click on “More info” in the “Windows Protect your PC” screen, and then “Run Anyway” to run the CrossMobile installer. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience!

The checksums of these files are:

# File,MD5,SHA-1,18a08291767e87e4d6cc0ca6f167f03a,d7c3db3058c4b8295105f0e38712ff164450ba4c,ca5621a5dd1601b201315b1cee2609d6,9fcb0f9584eeaaea34ddc32843025e0dd4b09de5,7147c6f4417712459e92613f828280a3,e58077d831cede5eff48f60d3f1e311903a0104c