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Evaluation Version

This guide is meant to be used with the evaluation version of CrossMobile. You can click here to read the tutorial for the latest version.


1.First time configuration

Before you begin you need to make your first time configuration.

When you run CrossMobile for the first time you will see the following pop up window.

Click OK in order to setup your environment.

Then the following CrossMobile Configuration window shows up and you need to fill in these setting parameters.

More specifically you need to set the following:


  • Build Properties: For the needs of our first example you may ignore this choice. As you see this gives you the option of creating a backup directory for overwritten files. This might be useful in the future when you start creating more complicated projects.


  • Editors: CrossMobile has a native support for Netbeans IDE. We suggest that you use this feature from the first moment in order to comply with the following step-by-step tutorials. To do so check NetBeans and then click The following pop up window opens and prompts you to find the executable for Netbeans.

To continue it is recommended to choose automatically search for the executable. This way CrossMobile will locate Netbeans for you.

As you see in the above snapshot NetBeans detection is resolved and you are now ready to click Finish and continue.


If anything goes wrong in the above steps you can still browse to your files and locate Netbeans manually. [1]

Follow the same procedure for the JDK Home and Android Tools.


  • Java tools: Locate the install JDK Home


  • Android tools:


  • SDK Location


  • Default Keystore

Default keystore cannot be automatically located so you have to browse to its location on your own.

If you are missing any of the above you can always reopen the configuration panel by clicking Settings from CrossMobile’s initial window and alter any setting option you prefer.

2.Creating your first “HelloWorld” application


Now you are ready to create your first mobile application. In the initial Window “CrossMobile Manager” click New Project.


Then the following window shows up that lets you define the name and the directory of your project. So fill in the name “HelloWorld” and select the directory of your project.

Click Create to continue.

Then the following pop up window appears and prompts you to choose the project template. For our first example choose Simple project and then click OK.

Your first application “HelloWorld” is created! Now you are ready to test your application in any of the available devices. We’ll do this in our next tutorial.


As you can see at the same time a window named as your project “HelloWorld” shows up.

Here are all the available options for the configuration of your project. For example you can start running your application, you can select your preferred output device and preview your project’s capacities. We will explain all the features in more details in the proceeding section.